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Molecular diagnostic tests form a class of tests that are conducted to identify biological markers in the form of nucleic acids such as DNA or RNA.

They also detect mutations in the genome of microorganisms and so have transform the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases for the better. Molecular tests has been widely applied in recent years for reliable confirmatory diagnosis in outbreaks and epidemics.

The diagnostics market is increasingly adopting the aforementioned multiplex tests, because these assays tend to be more comprehensive requiring a very small sample volumes. Current diagnostics market rely primarily on simple tests which is often based on chemistry/immunochemistry. But some companies have begun to develop molecular diagnostics-based tests because of their higher specificity & sensitivity.

Molecular diagnostic tests next-generation sequencing platforms which enables the sequencing of an entire human genome in a short period of one week. The technology will revolutionize healthcare sector impacting an array of stakeholders and top market players.

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Low-density bead-based microarrays are expected to occupy a central role in molecular diagnostics market. Efforts to get molecular testing to the front lines calls for better design for portable, fully automated devices. There are challenges in terms of a lack of regulatory framework and misunderstandings in reimbursement, which offer a constraining factor in the growth of the Molecular Diagnostics Market.

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